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Ethiopia, History


Christian History of EthiopiaChristian History of Ethiopia - Describes the coming of the Falashas, how Ethiopia became christianized, Aksumites, Zagwes and their rock-hewn churches, legend of Prester John, restoration of the Solomonic dynasty, European fascination with Ethiopian Christians, struggle with Islam, and Zamena Mesafint. Embassy of Ethiopia - History of EthiopiaEmbassy of Ethiopia - History of Ethiopia - - Short description of Ethiopia's history, mostly covers last 100 years.
EthiopiaEthiopia - A time chart of a general history of Ethiopia. Picture of a church and obelisk. Map of Ehiopia and Aksum. Ethiopia - Summary of HistoryEthiopia - Summary of History - - The Aksumite kingdom, rise of Islam, Zagwe Dynasty, the Middle Era, the Zemena Mesafent, creation of modern Ethiopia, and recent history.
Ethiopian HistoryEthiopian History - An outline from 2002. Ethiopian History 500bc - 1996Ethiopian History 500bc - 1996 - - Introductory topics of Ethiopian history including Aksum, Zagwe Dynasty, Solomonic Dynasty, contacts with Europeans, Gondar, Tewodros, Menelik II, Haile Selassie, and modern history. - Information related to prehistoric, middle ages, and modern history of Ethiopia.


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