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Ethiopia, History Modern Battle of Adwa


Amba Gishen - Historical Portrait - A.B. WyldeAmba Gishen - Historical Portrait - A.B. Wylde - - Augustus Wylde's accounts of Ethiopia after the Battle of Adwa. The Battle of AdwaThe Battle of Adwa - :by Donald N. Levine, Ph.D., The Peter B. Ritzman Professor of Sociology at the University of Chicago.
The Battle of AdwaThe Battle of Adwa - The Battle of Adwa and the Victory of Adwa Centenary Medal. Ethiopia's Decisive Victory at Adowa.Ethiopia's Decisive Victory at Adowa. - Italian General Oreste Baratieri knew he was outnumbered. But he seriously underestimated his Ethiopian opponents--and overestimated the merits of his own battle plan.
History of the Battle of AdwaHistory of the Battle of Adwa - The Logistic Base and Military Strategy of the Ethiopian Army: the Campaign and Battle of Adwa, September 1895-February 1896.


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