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Ethiopia, History Medieval


Ethiopia - The Ethiopia - The "Restoration" of the "Solomonic" Line - - How Yekuno Amlak helped usher in a new era in Ethiopia. Ethiopian History - Ahmad GragnEthiopian History - Ahmad Gragn - - How Ahmad Gragn came to power, how Europeans helped the Ethiopians, and how he was finally conquered.
Imperial Ethiopia - Solomonic Dynasty LineageImperial Ethiopia - Solomonic Dynasty Lineage - - Lineage of the Solomonic dynasty. The Later Middle AgesThe Later Middle Ages - Includes King Zara Yaqob, Ottoman occupation of Massawa, lands of the Bahr Negash, and the beginnings of the Era of Princes.
Zamana MasafentZamana Masafent - Discusses the source of this dark age of Ethiopian history, what impacts this period had on the political and social process of Ethiopia.


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