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Ethiopia, History By Time Period Ancient


Accounts of Meröe, Kush, and AxumAccounts of Meröe, Kush, and Axum - Selected excerpts from Herodotus, Strabo, Dio Cassius, and Procopius of Caesarea. Aksum - An African Civilisation of Late AntiquityAksum - An African Civilisation of Late Antiquity - - Study of the history and civilization.
Ancient AbyssiniaAncient Abyssinia - Information and images on Saba, Askum, and Christian Ethiopia. Ancient Horn of Africa - AxumAncient Horn of Africa - Axum - - Images and maps with brief descriptions.
Archaeology - The Kingdom of AksumArchaeology - The Kingdom of Aksum - - The connection between Rome and the world. Civilizations in Africa - AxumCivilizations in Africa - Axum - - Origins, language, kingdom, trade, conquers, and religion.
Ethiopia - Origins and the Early PeriodsEthiopia - Origins and the Early Periods - - Early populations and neighboring states and the Aksumite state. Ethiopian History - AksumEthiopian History - Aksum - - The origination, their lives, and culture.
Ethiopian TreasuresEthiopian Treasures - A historical journey of Aksum, Lalibela, and Debra Damo with photographs. Lalibela - A City Carved from LegendLalibela - A City Carved from Legend - - A holy heritage visit through travel and photographs.
Menelik IMenelik I - Brief biography of the first emperor. Wonders - City of AksumWonders - City of Aksum - - A mystical ancient city with a photograph and map.


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