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Adi AinawalidAdi Ainawalid - Brief description of an ethnoarchaeological research project in the Ethiopian Highlands. Features map and photographs of fieldwork. Ancient Horn of Africa: AxumAncient Horn of Africa: Axum - Images and discriptiond of artifaces and sites.
The Axum ObeliskThe Axum Obelisk - Italy promised in writing - in the 1947 Peace Treaty - to return the obelisk to Axum and is closer than ever to doing so. Past technical difficulties have been overcome. Combating the destruction of Ethiopia's archaeological heritage... continuedCombating the destruction of Ethiopia's archaeological heritage... continued - The Shire District Archaeological Survey Project returned to the Indasellassie region, north-western administrative zone of Tigray, northern Ethiopia in December 2003. Antiquity Vol 78 No 302 December 2004.
Foundations of Aksumite Civilization and Its Christian Legacy (1st‚€“7th century A.D.)Foundations of Aksumite Civilization and Its Christian Legacy (1st‚€“7th century A.D.) - Images, maps, and text describing Aksum. A Technical Report of 1971 ConsideredA Technical Report of 1971 Considered - From Addis Tribune, the story of the Aksum Obelisk looted by Fascist Italy in 1937, and not returned in accordance with the Italian Peace Treaty of 1947 and the bilateral Ethio-Italian Obelisk agreement of 1997, has many chapters.

Obelisk Returned to Ethiopia After 68 YearsObelisk Returned to Ethiopia After 68 Years - From the Guardian, the first piece of a huge 1,700-year-old granite obelisk was returned home from Italy to Ethiopia yesterday, 68 years after it was looted by the troops of the fascist Italian dictator Benito Mussolini. (April 20, 2005) Famous Hominid Fossil Going on the RoadFamous Hominid Fossil Going on the Road - From MSNBC, Ethiopia to send 2-million-year-old 'Lucy‚€™ to Houston museum in 2006. (April 13, 2004)
Researchers dig up earliest 'butcher shop'Researchers dig up earliest 'butcher shop' - From CBC, anthropologists working in Ethiopia say they've found the earliest direct evidence of a stone tool "kitchen," dating back 2.6 million years. (November 4, 2003) Older than Egypt is EthiopiaOlder than Egypt is Ethiopia - From Al-Ahram, Ethiopia, the very cradle of mankind, the material evidence of its ancient civilisation alone attests to its former glory. (August 21, 2003)


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